Workplace Energy Savings and Risk Management: UVGI installation into commercial air handlers is a valuable energy and cost saving tool with proactive risk management benefits. Recommended by USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) for LEED, and IWBI (International WELL Building Institute) for WELL Building certification; UVGI improves AHU/HVAC efficiency (often 20%+), destroys pathogens, and improves air quality. Financial benefits are multiplied when adding in reduced operational costs, and a decrease in occupant infection and absenteeism. We offer a wide array of UVGI options including in-duct, upper air, and surface disinfection. Return On Investment is Typically Within One to Three Years.

Short ROI! Improved AHU Efficiency dramatically reduces energy costs and extends equipment life cycles – Also, no more need for chemical or mechanical coil cleaning!
Reduce Risk. Cleaner air and surfaces mean less spreading of pathogens.
Healthier, happier workforce. Increased occupant productivity and decreased absenteeism thanks to UVGI, are well documented.

Healthcare: UVGI is a no-touch disinfection option that dramatically improves even “terminally clean” surfaces, according to the CDC. So in addition to the energy savings, attendance and productivity gains; protection from airborne pathogens leads to improved patient outcomes and reduced HAIs. 

Schools: Use UVGI to improve indoor environments and enhance student and teacher health and productivity while promoting efficient performance of AHUs with less maintenance.

Federal Contracting: Our In-house SDVOSB Contracting division understands, and can assist, in all Federal reporting and compliance requirements; procurement rules and Best Practices.

Correctional Facilities: UVGI installation into commercial air handlers correlates to a decrease in transmitted infections while improving the efficiency of the system and decreasing operational costs. Upper air units protect officers from airborne infectious pathogens.

Small Business Solutions: 

• Improve Referrals, Reputation, and your Bottom Line!
• Increase employee Focus and Performance.
• Reduce Absenteeism.
• Mitigate Risk and Liability from germs and mold.

Performance Monitoring: Safe Air Solutions provides a suite of Measurement and Verification tools for every AHU UVGI installation. Accurate sensors allow projects to be easily monitored or modified per the specific installation goals. When combined with Variable dose UV-C settings, maintenance and recurring costs are even further reduced.

Exclusive provider of the RAPID Reader – Rapid Airborne Pathogen Identification and Detection for optional cooling tower sampling. 

• Rapid detection of Legionella, Aspergillus (mold), Tuberculosis, E. coli, Staphylococcus (staph), among others. 
• Turn a three month incubation and testing period into a matter of minutes. 

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